Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Been a While Old Friend

Yes, yes it has. It's like I have 3 kids and a crazy life going on or something! Well now to catch up.

Theron is in Kindergarten now and L.O.V.I.N.G. it! So much so that he doesn't want to have the weekends off. I have had to explain to him that he might not want it, but his teacher NEEDS the weekend to recoup! Haha! It also helps that his little girlfriend of TLC is in kindergarten there too this year! He's at the Harmony charter school and I couldn't love it more. They hold the kids to a high standard of behavior, respect and acedemics. They are literally preparing kids to go to college from kindergarten.

Lukas is in PreK again this year and at another new campus. Long story short, I was told to enroll him online since he was a returning student, but since he was going from PPCD to regular PreK, I was actually supposed to enroll him as a new student. So, he ended up at the campus that had an opening for him. I guess it worked out since he's at the home campus for his VI and O&M therapists. After a few weeks of rough drop offs, he is finally comfortable with being left at school for a couple hours. He is also getting more therapy time this year. He is learning his braille letters now and continues to learn great mobility skills. He is so proud of his walker (a pre-cane) and loves using it. One of these days when he realizes his cane isn't a sword or light saber or bat, he'll get a regular cane to use. Silly kid!

Liv, she's a monkey baby! She loves to climb on EVERYTHING now! She is almost 11 months old and I absolutely can't believe it! She is cruising along anything that will hold her up and takes a couple steps here and there, but since she's the princess, she hasn't had to learn to walk since she's carried around everywhere. :) She has a lot of hair now, enough for super cute bows and flowers, but now she knows how to pull them out so I'm learning to deal with that disappointment. She doesn't like it when the boys are at school and I think the highlight of her day is when we go pick them up. She just babbles to them non stop when they get in the car! She can wave (when she wants to) and is saying Mama, Dada, Dog Dog and she's really trying to say Bubba. She's such a happy baby and doesn't stop smiling. She is definitely the family favorite right now and we will all admit it!

Life is still going on for Kurt and I. He is getting his school paperwork done so he can finish up his last year and a half for his degree. Geology/Construction something or other. Terrible wife, I know, but at least I have an idea of what it is! I'm working on building up my Melaleuca business and it's going really well and I just got hired to be a Poppyseed Project Teacher for TX! Both are things that give me something for me to have fun doing and get paid, so I'm happy I get to help contribute to our finances.

I have been sewing a few things lately too and about to work on a really fun quilt for a really good friend of mine. I made the quilt and bumper pads for my new nephew and a couple quilts for a friend of my mom. I will eventually post pictures on this entry! I'm terrible about taking pics though! I need a little camera to keep in my pocket so I am not always using my phone camera. One of these days. :)


Chelsea said...

Its crazy how fast our kids are growing up! its really kinda sad! thats super fun that you are getting to do the poppy seed thing! that will be so fun!!

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