Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Long time, no post. Guess life has gotten away from me the last few months. Have some of our family pics up on Melissa's blog (Melissa Fullmer link to the right ->). You can see how much a difference a year and a half makes! She did our pics last March before Lukas craniotomy and he's changed so much since then. Gotten bigger, he's walking and talking and full of 2 year old curiosity and attitude!

Theron's been in Mother's Day Out the last 2 months (it's his 'school' as he likes to call it) and he's got a few new friends and LOVES his teacher Mrs. Marsha. He won't let me tie his shoes in the mornings, Mrs. Marsha has to do it, Mrs. Marsha told me this or that, it's soooo cute!

As for Kurt and I, not much has changed except our sleep schedules (or lack thereof). I'm working out now, and working from home, Kurt is still at his same company and loves it and we are (finger's crossed) going to Colorado the beginning of August. Plans seem to get thrown out as soon as we make them so we'll see.

Not much else to report, I know I'm getting behind on this and I'll catch back up one of these days, for now I'm too exhausted and frazzled to add one more thing to my list, I should really be in the shower now while boys are napping and yet, here I sit......