Thursday, February 24, 2011

Holy Crow!

Ok, since I haven't posted since J-U-L-Y!!!!, here is a very quick update on what has happened since!

Lukas' Make a Wish trip to meet Jack Johnson in Virginia Beach, VA
Lukas started back at school (PPCD)
I had a baby
Theron started back to MDO (TLC @The Woods UMC this time)
We've worked on the house more
Indy is a spaz
Liv is almost FOUR months old now!!!!!
Lukas got glasses
Theron is starting to read some
Lukas can get himself dressed and shoes on pretty much all by himself (big accomplishment for a blind kid!)
Liv is all smiles and giggles now
I have two new sisters (in-law)

And here are a few pics to go along with this horrible, no good, very lame post: