Monday, June 28, 2010

Pink, my new favorite color.

So this last Wednesday we found out that the baby in my belly is a GIRL!!!! I am so excited! The boys are too, they've wanted a little sister for a while. The boys and I love Olivia for her name, Kurt likes Grace (wants to call her Gracie). So she'll more than likely be named Olivia Grace and both parties are happy.

We were supposed to go in 3 weeks ago for the sonogram, but Kurt has been out of town and we really wanted to work it out where he could be there. It didn't happen, but I had a brilliant plan! I bought a "Congratulations Baby" card at the store and asked the sonographer to just seal up the revealing picture in the envelope and we'd open it when Kurt got home. So three weeks and an extra day and we found out! I was DYING to know!!!! It was hard not to just call him and let him hear what was going on during the sono. Theron was dying to know and kept asking her "is it a girl?" over and over. I asked him a couple weeks ago what he'd do if it was a boy baby. He said "we can just send him back and ask Heavenly Father for a girl". Out of the mouths of babes right??!!

Then, Thursday night when Kurt got home, first thing we did was open the envelope to find out and I swear, not even TWO SECONDS after we opened it he had posted to Facebook that it was a girl... I think he's a little excited!

I am starting to feel her move more and the boys come up and talk to my belly all the time and "give Olivia kisses". They are ready for her to get here. Lukas keeps asking when Olivia is coming home. So cute!

Here are our sonogram pics so far.

These two are her first pictures at 10 weeks.

AND, here are the pics from Wednesday. The first is the best face shot we could get. The baby kept scooting away, shy little thing! And the second, well, it speaks for itself :)