Friday, March 11, 2011

It's happening.

Lukas has had a port in his chest since November 21, 2007. This little device has allowed the docs and nurses to give him his various cancer drugs, antibodies and blood transfusions for the last 3 years. In July of 2008 Lukas got an infection in the line of his first port and we had to have it removed. You never really know how much that little thing helps until you don't have it any more. The chemo drugs weaken the veins of those on it and Lukas was no exception. He had to be on strong IV anitibiotics for 2 weeks after his port was removed to clear up the blood infection so he could get a new port put in. He came out of surgery with an peripheral IV (like the ones you or I would get at the hospital). That one lasted a few hours before the vein it was in collapsed. Over the next day, he went through 12 different pokes in various parts on his body to find a vein that would last long enough for his medicine to be administered. Finally, when we were out of places, he went up to PICU to be sedated and have a PICC line placed in the jugular (the only vein large and strong enough to keep a line in). Lukas was just over a year and a half old when all this was happening and to watch my baby being poked over and over again was heart breaking. I cried as much as he did, but I knew it had to happen to get him better.

Finally after a 13 day hospital stay, lots of pokes and IV's, a PICC line and a LOT of tears, more antibiotics at home, Lukas got his new port placed. He has had it in ever since and tomorrow morning at 7:30am, his surgeon will be taking it out.

This little device has been a life saver, literally. Taking it out signifies the end of Lukas treatments and the beginning of life after cancer. He'll forever be affected with the side effects, but those are treatable and easy compared to our journey these last 3 years.
Tomorrow starts a new chapter in our book and i can't wait to see what is in store for us!