Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's been a while old friend...

Oh, sleep how I miss you. You make me feel happy, less stressed out. You are my very good friend! Where have you gone!!!!!?????

So this is our nights for the last 6-ish weeks:
Dinner around 6
Finish up around 6:30 and play for a little bit longer
Bathtime at 7pm, the start of the calming process
Lukas in the bedroom by 7:30 to "Ock the baby"
Theron in bed by 8pm

Lukas doesn't fall asleep until around 11-11:30 pm, then wakes back up around 2:30 and doesn't go back to sleep until 4-4:30 then he's up around 7:30-8am ready to go. He takes a good nap, usually 2 hours starting around 12:45.

We have tried the "Stay in bed technique" courtesy of Super Nanny, to no avail, we've tried the tylenol/benadryl mix (ok'd by doc) with no success, we've let him cry it out when he wakes up, nothing, getting his back adjusted, zip, zilch, nada!!!

Never thought to mention this to Lukas' vision therapists, but when I said something about it one morning, they said kids with vision imparements often have sleep issues. REally???? So, hopefully tomorrow we can talk to the docs and decide on a possible sleep study or maybe using sleep aids for a while to get him back on a normal sleep pattern. He is on steroids for the next 5 months, he's been through hell and back over the last 18 months, not like that could have anything to do with it!