Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New to Debut

...............but not just yet! :)

A little hint. Something brown and something blue, something homemade just for you!

Yeah, I'm sewing something fun! Well, when am I not sewing something fun??

I can't wait to post pictures though. I have about 5 projects I need to get to work on and another 3 projects I need to start on! One is a baby shower gift for a great friend, another is a baby quilt for a friend of my mom's and another is an embroidery piece to enter a contest for a new sewing/embroidering machine by this weekend! (Just the embroidery one by this weekend- http://www.prudentbaby.com/2011/05/prudent-baby-use-your-words-contest.html). I would like to say it's kind of overwhelming, but I can't lie! I love being busy sewing and crafting. Kurt has his golfing and I have my crafting. Why did we have to both pick expensive hobbies? At least I can sell mine (if I wanted to, and I do....eventually.....down the road.......someday.)

Anyway, here a few pictures to go with my many projects I am working on!
Just part of the embroidery project.

 An idea for the baby shower gift (will customize and add some other cute pink stuff!)

 (finished pics coming soon)

 For Lia and Will

 Yes, finishing the rest of Liv's stuff still. Yes she's almost 7 months old (holy cow!!!!)

 Susie and Charles

 Aaaaaand last but not least, Monkme needs surgery to reattach his arm.

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